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Orthopedic Surgery Services will provide state-of-the-art emergent, urgent, and elective Orthopedic and Podiatric care to active duty, dependent and retiree patients served by General Leonard Wood Army Community Hospital. This includes operative, non-operative, and casting/bracing services.

The goal of the GLWACH Orthopedic clinic is to diagnose and treat patients with non-surgical and surgical musculoskeletal problems; peripheral neurological issues; sports injuries; biomechanical/postural/foot and ankle problems; and, bracing and/or prosthetic requirements generated from amputations after a surgical procedure. The practice of Orthopedic Surgery provides surgical and medical care focused on restoring the disabled patient to a state of optimal physical, cognitive, social, and vocational effectiveness. When disability exists, our role is both preventive and restorative. Services are directed toward improvement and maintenance of maximal physical, functional, and emotional balance during the course of treatment. We render care to all age groups from pediatric to geriatric, and to patients who are healthy as well as to those who are medically compromised.


  • Fracture management
  • Shoulder surgery (rotator cuff tears, labral tears, instability, biceps tendon, acromioclavicular joint).
  • Knee surgery (meniscus, cartilage, ligament tears, etc.).
  • Hand (carpal tunnel, cubital tunnel, masses, trigger fingers, etc.).
  • General management of musculoskeletal conditions.
  • Hip surgery (pinning, ORIF, iliotibial band syndrome).
  • Foot/ankle surgery (sports injuries, ligament tears, bunions, hammertoes).


GLWACH Orthopedics Services has the right of first refusal for all MTF referrals. Beneficiaries are referred by their Primary Care Manager (PCM).


Beneficiary appointments are booked and managed as necessary. Patients are assigned to the first available appointment unless a specific provider is indicated. Additional imaging may be necessary before the exam, in which case we work with the Department of Radiology’s scheduling asset to determine an imaging time for the orthopedic patient.


Patients check-in at the Orthopedic Clinic reception desk.

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Monday through Friday 7:30 am. - 4 p.m.


Main Hospital, fourth floor

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