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To provide industrial hygiene support to active duty Army, Reserve, Department of the Army Civilians, along with all other DOD and military components at Fort Leonard Wood. As a component of the Army's health mission, Industrial Hygiene is responsible for the anticipation, recognition, evaluation and control of any potential hazards in the workplace. Industrial Hygiene works closely with other post components such as the MSCoE Safety Office, to develop pragmatic solutions to prevent occupational illness, injury or death.


  • Elimination & Control of workplace health hazards. Preventing occupational illnesses, injuries, to soldiers and civilian employees.

  • Conduct lighting, noise, surveys & studies and applying it toward the prevention of occupational illnesses and injury. Conduct ventilation surveys to control airborne contaminants in the workplace.
  • Air sampling to characterize work exposure to potential health hazards, which facilitates exposure-based medical surveillance and occupational healthcare.
  • Perform Industrial Hygiene functions in support of allied programs such as Safety, Chemical Surety, Respiratory Protection, Ergonomics, Monitor Environmental Protection Programs such as Asbestos, Lead and Mold Control.
  • Indoor air quality investigations for existing buildings and structures. Design/Review and consulting on all newly designed buildings, furniture and structures.


  • What is Ergonomics?
    • Ergo Workstation Ergonomics is the field of study that seeks to fit the workplace to the person, rather than the person to the workplace. The evaluation and design of workplace environments, jobs, tasks, equipment, and processes in relationship to human capabilities and interactions in the workplace are the heart of the ergonomics field.
  • Why is Ergonomics important?
    • Ergo Seating In FY99 alone, over 682,000 limited duty dispositions were given to active duty service members and $275 million were spent in workers’ compensation expenses for the Department of Defense. Many of these injuries and costs can be prevented or mitigated through the implementation of ergonomic solutions.
  • Why should you become an ergonomics trainer?
    • Example On Fort Leonard Wood, each unit is required by regulation to have personnel trained in ergonomics. As the ergonomics trainer for your unit, you are the link to the ergonomics team on the installation. You are trained to recognize the most common ergonomic oversights in the workplace. YOU can make a difference.
  • Ergonomics Training Schedule: "Train the Trainer"
    • Online Enrollment Form
    • Our classes are held from 8 a.m. to noon in the GLWACH MEDDAC Logistics conference room/Emergency Operations Center, room 55. Room 55 is located on the ground floor in the southeast corner of the hospital near the hospital warehouse entrance.


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